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What is Full Circle?

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Inspired by a life-changing event, FULL CIRCLE C.R. was established in 2022 in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, This foundation was started by a group of local Costa Ricans and Americans  for the love of kids and community.  We  came together to  serve the community and children in need and make an impact and difference in their lives through Faith, Education and Health, the most basic needs that any human being deserves.  

Our goal is to improve the lives of our charity's recipients (especially children in social risk), by providing them with the means to thrive in their communities. We believe the best way to fight poverty is to impact individual lives so that they can become agents of change and examples for others in their environment, transforming the next generation, hoping one day, they will also want to pay it forward and seek to help others in need.


  • Providing the means so their families can have quality food on their tables.

  • Seeking medical professionals that can donate their time and knowledge to families that cannot afford it. 

  • Sponsoring children that require medical treatments.


  • Improving infrastructure of rural small schools.

  • Providing 

    equipment and supplies for teachers

  • Providing kids in social risk with the necessary items to attend school (uniforms, supplies, shoes)

  • Investing in sports & art projects to incentive kids to stay in school and explore their hidden talents


  • Through local churches that are willing to facilitate spaces for the kids to exercise and grow their faith.

  • By seeking professional counselors that are willing to donate their time and knowledge to facilitate the healing process for families that have endured or are going through difficult situations. 

  • Organizing events, games and activities that focus on improving the children's self image.

Our Mission
Children Praying

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